Transparency and Accountability

As the Chair of San Francisco’s powerful Budget and Finance Committee, I fought to increase transparency throughout government, from the city budget to law enforcement. On the Board of Equalization, improving transparency and good governance practices needs to be at the top of the agenda. We made good progress with the 2017 BOE reforms and personnel audits—now we need to push the reforms over the finish line, tie up any loose ends, and inform taxpayers on how the restructuring affects them. If I’m elected to the Board of Equalization, I will be steadfast about increasing the transparency and accountability measures for this important body. In addition, I will advocate to make the BOE and Department of Tax and Fee Administration’s websites clearly explain the restructuring and more easily educate taxpayers on where they can go to find help. Californians deserve to know where and how our tax dollars are being spent, and must have easy access to the resources these agencies can provide. We must put in place protections to prevent the same mismanagement and abuse we’ve seen in the past.

As a Board of Equalization member, I will:

- Uphold and implement the sweeping reforms to the Board of Equalization passed in 2017

- Create resources online that clearly outline the changes of the BOE restructuring and how taxpayers may qualify for tax credits and other benefits

- Ensure tax rates administered by the new Department of Tax and Fee Administration are equal from county-to-county across the state

- Require regular audits by the State Personnel Board on practices of the Board of Equalization and newly formed Department of Tax and Fee Administration to prevent abuse

My record of success on transparency and accountability:

- Directed the Budget and Legislative Analyst’s Office to conduct a survey on how other cities and counties allocate the budget to identify efficiencies and increase transparency

- Created the Department of Police Accountability to investigate claims of misconduct in the SF Police Department, make policy recommendations, and conduct audits