Taking on Special Interests

My entire career has been focused on taking on special interests. From Big Soda to Big Tobacco, I won’t back down from a fight to protect Californians. On the Board of Equalization, I will prioritize holding special interests accountable, ensuring the newly created Department of Tax and Fee Administration collects and distributes taxes equally. I was a supporter of the Taxpayer Transparency and Fairness Act, which brought sweeping reforms to the Board of Equalization in 2017 in an effort to make the process of collecting and distributing taxes more transparent and fair for all Californians. If elected to the BOE, I will work to implement these reforms quickly and thoroughly to ensure special interests remain accountable to these new good governance rules. It’s time big corporations start paying their fair share.

As a Board of Equalization member, I will:

- Uphold and implement the sweeping reforms to the Board of Equalization passed in 2017

- Ensure the Department of Tax and Fee Administration holds special interests accountable to paying their fair share in taxes

My record of success taking on special interests:

- Took on Big Soda and passed the sugar-sweetened beverage tax, which will generate over $14 million annually to fund public health and physical education programs in San Francisco

- Championed legislation to ban flavored tobacco products, because Big Tobacco was disproportionately advertising to young people, communities of color, and LGBTQ individuals

- Led efforts to divest from fossil fuels and thermal coal investments, and moved $100 million into a fossil fuel-free index fund

- Established the Municipal Bank Task Force to explore the possibility of creating a public bank run by the City and County of San Francisco, decentralizing the power of bad actors on Wall Street