SF City Hall Gets A Taste of Wakanda Celebrating Black History

On Wednesday, February 28th San Francisco City Hall was filled to capacity with guests enjoying the Black History Month Cultural Experience. Hosted by Supervisor Malia Cohen and the Board of Supervisors President, London Breed, the event featured music, art, dance, wine tasting and traditional cuisine.

Emceed by radio broadcaster Miranda Wilson, the stairs of the Rotunda included two large portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. behind bars fighting for justice and a presidential Barack Obama as head of the nation. The two works of art spoke to how far Black Americans have come in the pursuit of equality led by King to Obama leading the wealthiest nation in the world.

“Black History Month is special because we always discover something new about not just our African history, but American history and how we’re all a part of that not just in San Francisco but throughout the world,” said Broadcaster Miranda Wilson.

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