Protecting Small Businesses

As a champion of small business, I will fight on behalf of the interests of California’s small business owners on the Board of Equalization. While the Board of Equalization no longer sets the tax rates for small businesses, members of the BOE can play an important role in educating small business owners on tax laws and advocating on their behalf to lawmakers. If elected, I will work every day to advocate and partner with legislators on laws that will make it easier and more affordable to operate a small business in the state. And as state lawmakers continue to regulate the cannabis industry, I will advocate for laws that will ensure safe, equitable taxation and banking for the cannabis industry.

As a Board of Equalization member, I will:

- Ensure the Department of Tax and Fee Administration sets tax rates and structures that are equal for business owners across the state, regardless of what county they’re in

- Host regular seminars for current and aspiring small business owners to teach best practices in obtaining small business loans, filing taxes, and more

- Partner with legislators to pass laws that make it easier and more affordable to own and operate a small business in California

- Lead the charge on implementing safe, equitable cannabis tax and banking laws

My record of success on protecting small businesses:

- Authored landmark legislation that prevented the displacement of dozens of manufacturing businesses and saved hundreds of middle class jobs in San Francisco

- Co-sponsored the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund, which supports investments in new and existing businesses in San Francisco

- Created the Municipal Bank Task Force to explore the creation of a City-run bank, which would make small business loans more accessible, and provide legal banking for the cannabis industry