Malia's Plan

I’m running for the Board of Equalization because I want to bring transparency and fiscal responsibility back to our tax board and make government work for people, not special interests. I supported the major reforms to the Board of Equalization proposed by Controller Betty Yee and current Board of Equalization member Fiona Ma – both of whom have endorsed me in this race. After years of financial mismanagement and abuse, now is the time to double down on reforming the Board of Equalization to make it work for all Californians.

As a Supervisor, I led the fights against Big Tobacco and Big Soda to protect San Franciscans -- and won. I’ll bring that same fight to the Board of Equalization to work with lawmakers to close tax loopholes and hold special interests accountable to ensure our tax dollars are well-spent.

My main priorities on the Board of Equalization will be:

+ Ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the BOE

+ Bringing fiscal responsibility to make sure your tax dollars are spent efficiently

+ Taking on special interests so everyone pays their fair share

+ Pursuing policies to level the playing field so all Californians have a fair shot

+ Championing small businesses to preserve middle-class jobs

+ Prioritizing public health over corporate greed