Hearing held to discuss SF Hunters Point toxic cleanup discrepancy


Hearings held Monday called for the retesting of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard after allegations surfaced of fake soil samples that were collected. The company in charge of the cleanup has offered to pay for and hire an independent contractor to prove their work was valid.

"I want to say on the record, unequivocally, that I want the U.S. Navy to commit to testing parcel A," said SF Supervisor Malia Cohen.

Cohen represents the Hunters Point neighborhood, which for decades has been undergoing testing and removal of toxic materials left behind by the Navy. But recent allegations of improper cleanup by outside firm Tetra Tech has an entire community demanding an investigation...

Tetra Tech has received hundreds of millions of federal dollars to perform the work. The company is now offering to pay for and hire an independent contractor to do the re-testing.

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