City supervisor calls for hearing on Hunters Point Shipyard cleanup


Supervisor Malia Cohen on Tuesday called for a hearing on the data falsification scandal that has emerged from the decades-long effort to redevelop the Hunters Point Shipyard.

Cohen’s request came after documents released last week revealed that a review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found almost all of the soil samples taken from two contaminated shipyard sites that were deemed as safe by Tetra Tech — the former U.S. Navy contractor that was tasked with the shipyard’s cleanup — had been compromised.

“I have families reaching out with questions about air quality. I have people asking about how to get out of their leases because they are concerned about the lives and safety of their families,” said Cohen, adding that the Navy “has done an exceptionally poor job [at] communicating with the public.”

Calling the data falsification an “environmental injustice of a huge proportion,” Cohen said that she was most upset by the lack of accountability on part of the Navy and Tetra Tech.

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