State Board of Equalization

Malia Cohen is running to represent the State Board of Equalization's second district, representing nearly 10 million people in California’s 23 coastal counties stretching from the Oregon border to Santa Barbara -- including the Bay Area.

California’s Board of Equalization (BOE) is the only elected tax board in the country, and its board members are responsible for many of the state’s tax systems, totaling more than $52.5 billion. BOE board members and their staff of about 5,000 collect the state’s sales and excise taxes, oversee county property tax assessments, determine the market value of public utilities and railroad properties, and hear tax appeals.

California’s unique elected body can be more aggressive in shaping tax policy than the agencies’ of many other states. Members of the BOE are state constitutional officers, and are accountable to each and every Californian. Four of the five members are elected by their districts. The fifth member and chair of the BOE is the elected State Controller.

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